Charles County Swim Club

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The Charles County Swim Club is a recreation-based program designed for both competitive and non-competitive swimmers ages 6-18. Through leveled instruction, we are able to meet the needs of both the advance and novice swimmer in a fun and safe environment. Instructors may move swimmers to a different group after evaluating each participant at the first practice.

Dolphin Group

Must be able to swim one length (25 yds) both freestyle and backstroke. This group will work on refining freestyle and backstroke techniques and introduces and builds on breaststroke, butterfly, starts, turns, and finishes.

  • Resident Fee: $140
  • Non-Resident Fee: $145

Shark Group

Must be able to swim four lengths (100 yds) of freestyle, and two lengths (50 yds) of backstroke, breaststroke, and demonstrate butterfly. This group will work on refining all four competitive stroke techniques along with starts, turns, and finishes. Endurance training emphasized.

  • Resident Fee: $200
  • Non-Resident Fee: $205