Charles County Swim Club

 Charles County Swim Club

Charles County Swim Club
The Charles County Swim Club is a recreation-based program designed for both competitive and non-competitive swimmers ages 6-18. Through leveled instruction, we are able to meet the needs of both the advance and novice swimmer in a fun and safe environment. Instructors may move swimmers to a different group after evaluating each participant at the first practice. 

Dolphin Group: Must be able to swim one length (25 yds) both freestyle and backstroke. This group will work on refining freestyle and backstroke techniques and introduces and builds on breaststroke, butterfly, starts, turns, and finishes. Resident Fee: $140 • Non-Resident Fee: $145
Shark Group: Must be able to swim four lengths (100 yds) of freestyle, and two lengths (50 yds) of backstroke, breaststroke, and demonstrate butterfly. This group will work on refining all four competitive stroke techniques along with starts, turns, and finishes. Endurance training emphasized. Resident Fee: $200 • Non-Resident Fee: $205
New! Gold Group: For top-level swimmers. Coaches invitation ONLY. Call your local pool for details. Practices held at Lackey Pool. Resident Fee: $240 • Non-Resident Fee: $245

Winter 2019 Schedule

Lackey Schedule - Jan 3-Mar 7
Dolphins Tu and 7:15-8:00p and
  Sa 11:00-11:45a
Sharks M/Th and 7:15-8:30p and
  Sa 9:45-11:00a
North Point Schedule - Jan 3-Mar 5
Dolphins Tu/Th 6:15-7:00p
Sharks Tu/Th and 7:00-8:15p and
  Sa 9:15-10:30a

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Charles County Competitive Swimming
The Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism has partnered with Rockfish Swimming, a sanctioned USA Swimming organization, to offer an exciting opportunity for local swimmers to elevate their skills.  This program is designed for swimmers looking for a higher level of competitive swimming instruction through structured practices. Swimmers will have the option to join Rockfish Swimming to travel and compete in USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets. New swimmers must come in for a swim evaluation before registering.  

Green Group - Resident Fee: $300 • Non-Resident: $305
Black Group - Resident Fee: $515 • Non-Resident: $520

  Location Day Dates Time
Age 5-18 DM Wade M/Tu/Th Jan 3-Mar 7 6:30-8:00p
  Lackey M/W/F Mar 11-Apr 26 5:30-8:00p
Green Group Registration Black Group Registration