Gymnastics Clinics

Gymnastic Clinic
This clinic is for anyone looking to brush up on their gymnastics skills or the beginner looking to try out gymnastics for a day! Participants will learn skills for bars, beam, vault, and floor. Flip on over and join us for a fun-filled day!

Resident Fee: $40 • Non-Resident: $45

  Location Day Date Time  
Age 6+ Elite M Oct 14 9:00a-4:00p Register

Ninja Training Camp
Flip on into Elite Gymnastics for a full day of Ninja training. Become stronger and more confident ninjas! Climb, hang, grip, and swing through our ninja obstacles. Are you up for the challenge?

Resident Fee: $40 • Non-Resident: $45

  Location Day Date Time  
Age 6+ Elite M Nov 11 9:00a-4:00p Register

Homeschool Gymnastics
Homeschool Gymnastics is the perfect way for your home-schooled child to stay active during the school year.  Students will participate in gymnastics-based activities where we will work on strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination as we learn gymnastics skills while having fun.

Resident Fee: $40 • Non-Resident: $45

  Location Day Dates Time  
Age 10 and Under Elite Tu Sep 10-24 1:00-2:00p Register
  Elite Tu Oct 1-20 1:00-2:00p Register
  Elite Tu Nov 5-26 1:00-2:00p Register
Age 11+ Elite Tu Sep 10-24 2:00-3:00p Register
  Elite Tu Oct 1-29 2:00-3:00p Register
  Elite Tu Nov 5-29 2:00-3:00p Register

*Age groups can be combined if requested.