What is RecPASS?
RecPASS is an annual membership that is linked with our registration software which allows for unlimited visits to any Charles County Recreation Division drop-in programs for a single annual fee. An annual Pool Pass is also available for purchase which allows for unlimited visits to any of our aquatic facilities in addition to recreation use. You will receive a key-fob when purchasing a RecPASS, and your picture will be taken and linked to your account in our registration software. At each visit, your key-fob will be scanned for admission. The RecPASS can be purchased as an individual, couple, parent & child, or family options.

What programs/activities can I use RecPASS for?
The basic Charles County RecPASS will be accepted for any drop-in and open gym programs that are offered at school-based community centers, the Port Tobacco Recreation Center, and Elite Gymnastics and Recreation Center. Drop-in programs may include basketball, volleyball, futsal, pickleball, table tennis, and will be scheduled by age group and sport. Residents will also have the option to purchase a Pool Pass as part of their RecPASS which would allow for visits to any of our Charles County Recreation Division operated aquatic facilities.

What are the benefits of RecPASS?

  • Ease of use: simply scan your key-fob and go!
  • Multiple locations: you can use your membership at any of our school-based community centers, the Port Tobacco Recreation Center, Elite Gymnastics and Recreation Center, and any of our aquatic facilities.
  • Cost savings: if you drop-in to play adult basketball once a week and opt to pay the $5 daily drop-in fee, that is $260 for a year’s worth of play – with RecPASS you pay just $100 for a year of unlimited drop-ins!

Where can I purchase a RecPASS? 
The Charles County RecPASS can be purchased at the main Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism registration office in Port Tobacco. RecPASS may also be purchased at our school-based community center locations, indoor pools, and Elite Gymnastics and Recreation Center.

How long is my RecPASS good for?
RecPASS is good for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be renewed annually.

Who needs a RecPASS?
RecPASS is recommended for any users of our drop-in and open gym programs.

Is my RecPASS transferable? Refundable?
RecPASS is non-transferable and non-refundable.

If I don't have a RecPASS, am I still able to purchase a punch card for drop-in programs and pool admission?
Yes. 10 visit punch cards are available for $40. 

If I don’t have a RecPASS, can I still participate in drop-in activities?
Yes. You can continue to pay a daily admission fee to drop-in programs. The admission for drop-in programs at our school-based community centers is $3 per visit for youth/seniors and $5 per visit for adults. Daily admission to our aquatics facilities is $4 for youth/seniors, $5 for adults.

Can I use RecPASS for water aerobics, dance classes, or other instructor-led activities?
No. RecPASS is currently not valid for instructor-led activities. You may use yourRecPASS for drop-in programs and daily admission to our aquatic facilities.

Can I use by Pool Pass at Charles County Recreation facilities?
Yes, your Pool Pass will be accepted at any drop-in and open program that is offered at school-based community centers, the Port Tobacco Recreation Center, and Elite Gymnastics and Recreation Center.

Do I have to have a RecPASS to register for any other programs offered by Charles County Recreation, Parks, and Tourism?
No, even without the RecPASS, residents are able to register for any of our other programs.

I am not a Charles County Resident, can I still purchase a RecPASS and utilize the community centers or pools?
Yes, there are non-resident rates for RecPASS. 

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