Recreational and Competitive Gymnastics

Recreational Gymnastics Programs
Elite Gymnastics and Recreation Center offers a Recreational Gymnastics program for ages 2 and older that teaches achievable goals, frequent success, and tangible rewards through a beginner to advanced level system curriculum. In addition to the beginner through advanced levels, we offer complimentary classes aimed to improve strength, conditioning, and form. Skills in each class are broken into achievable steps in a nurturing environment where children have an opportunity to be successful while developing strength, coordination, and other skills that can transfer to other sports and activities. Sessions consist of eight classes and placement depends on age and skill level.

Summer Class Schedule

Recreational Class Levels

Level Age  
Tiny Tumblers 2-3 This is a parent participation class designed to promote proper brain development, motor skills, communication, and social skills while providing a fun bonding experience.
Twisters 4-5 Class teaches basic gymnastics skills and terminology that will help build self-esteem, increase flexibility and coordination.
Girls Red 6+ Class introduces basic gymnastics skills, positions, and safety for floor, beam, vault, and bars.
Girls White 6+ Class is for gymnasts who have completed all Red level skills and are familiar with basic skills on gymnastics equipment.
Girls Blue 6+ Class is for gymnasts who have completed the White level. Students should have a strong roundoff and backbend kick over on the floor before advancing to this level.
Girls Silver/Gold 6+ Class for intermediate-advanced to advanced gymnasts who have completed the blue level. These classes are by invitation only due to the increased level of difficulty which requires a good knowledge and mastery of basic skills on each event.
Boys Tumble & Gym 6+ Class focuses on building strength, flexibility, and confidence through an introduction to basic skill positions on events. In addition to gymnastics, they will be introduced to the concepts of Parkour.
Parkour Basics 8+ Parkour is a training discipline which focuses on movement through obstacles using rolls, kong vaults, and precision jumps to move from point A to B.  Participants will learn how to do spins, flips, and tricks through games and challenges that will train participants to control their bodies and minds in any urban or natural environment.
Kids Conditioning & Core 8+ Class incorporates strength training, muscle and endurance building in a gymnastic atmosphere. Classes will include circuit training, games, and activities to build core strength.
Cheer Tumbling Grades K-12 Class will teach the fundamentals of tumbling needed for cheerleading through drills and skill progression. 

One Day Specialty Gymnastics Clinics
If your gymnast struggles on a specific event, these two-hour clinics will be perfect for them! Join us for a day of training on beams or tumbling skills.

Resident Fee: $25 • Non-Resident: $30

    Location Day Date Time  
Age 6-18 Beam Elite Sa Feb 23 2:00-4:00p Register
  Tumbling Elite Sa Mar 23 2:00-4:00p Register

Spring Showcase
This is an opportunity to show off your gymnastics routines and skills to family and friends in this competition-style showcase. Register in advance so that we can order your showcase leotard! Leotard fee: $10

Resident Fee: $20 • Non-Resident: $25

  Location Day Date Time  
All Ages Elite Sa May 18 9:00a Register

Intro to Gymnastics Clinic
New to gymnastics? Take our one-week clinic to introduce you to the sport. Learn basics on bars, beam, vault, and floor.

Resident Fee: $85 • Non-Resident: $90

  Location Days Dates Time  
Age 6+ Elite M-Th Jun 24-27 5:30-7:30p Register
    M-Th Aug 5-8 5:30-7:30p Register

Bars Clinic
Designed for gymnasts looking for additional practice time to improve bar skills. For intermediate to advanced gymnasts.

Resident Fee: $85 • Non-Resident: $90

  Location Days Dates Time  
Age 8+ Elite M-Th Jul 22-25 5:30-7:30p Register

Competitive Gymnastics Program
Elite Gymnastics offers the opportunity for gymnasts to take their experience and talent to a competitive level. The Elite Women’s Gymnastics Team, USAG competitive levels 3-10, compete in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics Program. Teams travel throughout the United States to compete. Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches provide the highest level of training and are dedicated to the development and success of each athlete. The competitive season runs June 1-May 31.

A pre-competitive gymnastics team, by invitation only, is offered for girls that have shown an exceptional level of skill or who have progressed through our recreational classes at an accelerated pace. Pre-team is an introduction to the competitive gymnastics program and does not compete. Our highly skilled coaches have the opportunity to train and develop their skills to prepare for the competitive team.

For more information details, please contact Elite Gymnastics and Recreation Center.